Instructions and Patterns to make Protective Masks and Hospital Gowns

Need to know how to make a fabric mask?
Here are a few links that I have found if you are looking for patterns and instructions to make masks.  At the bottom is a pattern for gowns, a little bit of a bigger project, but certainly something that will be needed.   Please wash masks before donating and follow procedures for donating to the appropriate location.  Stay Healthy!!
 Where to donate: If you are looking for places that are asking for mask donations, here is a developing list of places looking for donations nationally- Click Here
This organization is also organizing sewers to provide masks to healthcare professionals:  
1. We have a tutorial on how to make our Children's masks using our mask panel, but it is the same technique you would use for any pleated mask. 
3. Olga from Ageberry has a fantastic pattern: 
2. Nurse explaining how to make nurse preferred masks.  This is a great tutorial that does not require elastic!  VIDEO 
3. Dr. explaining how to make masks safe.  This is an interesting use of materials and explanation on how to make hospital safe masks. 
4. The Fu Face Mask has links to a how-to video and instructions and is made with “ribbon" and not elastic (something in short supply).
5. This Deaconess pattern is easy and can be made with elastic or ribbon.


6. A.B. Mask -- for a Nurse by a Nurse is made with ties. It can fit over a N95 mask so it's a bit more complicated. Click here for pattern and step by step picture instructions. 

7. Kadiddlehopper: Click here for easy pleated mask with elastic or ties.

8. 10 Minute Face Mask video 

Great article on materials- Quilters cotton is the best!!!!! Use that stash:


This is less known about, but still requested and you can use existing cottons you have at home.  CLICK BELOW TO GET THE PATTERN.

Isolation Gown Pattern

Here are some helpful tools!!  

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