Organizer Bundle Set - Bobbins Clamps, Holders and Spool Huggers 36 Pieces

  • ✔️ Ships from u.s.a
  • ✔️ 36 pieces altogether
  • ✔️ Bobbin clamps - 12 pieces
  • ✔️ Bobbin holders - 12 pieces
  • ✔️ Save big with this 3 item bundle
  • ✔️ Spool huggers - 12 pieces

Keep your sewing neat and tidy. Organize your threads and bobbins with our set of bobbin clamps, bobbin holders and spool huggers.  Keep your colors organized and control loose threads.  

Bobbin Clamps

  • Bobbin Clamps hold bobbins nice and tight, keeping the thread from unwinding. 
  • They are constructed of high-quality silicone and fit over a completely filled bobbin, but also hold tightly onto empty bobbins. 
  • Made for A, L, and M type bobbins. 

Spool Huggers

  • These are the best thread organizers designed to keep thread tails from unraveling and losing tension. 
  • Highest quality premium memory silicone.
  • Flexible and reusable.

Bobbin Holders

  • These help you store your bobbins on top of spools.  
  • The large portion inserts into the hole in your spool of thread and the bobbin can sit easily on top.  
  • Keep your colors together easily.  
  • They are made for A, L, and M type bobbins and fit different spool diameters.

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