Water and Air Erasable Fabric Marking Pen Set

  • ✔️ Air erasable pens
  • ✔️ Great for marking embroidery
  • ✔️ Great for marking light and dark fabrics
  • ✔️ Great for marking quilting
  • ✔️ Includes 4 types of pens with 2 pens each
  • ✔️ Variety pack for different end uses
  • ✔️ Water erasable pens

This set of eight fabric marking pens gives you a variety of options when marking your project.  Depending on the type of sewing or quilting project you are doing, this set has air and water erasable pens in colors that will help you mark both light and dark materials. We love our heat erasable pen set, but they aren't ideal for every project, so these provide another alternative to mark embroidery, free motion quilting, hand quilting and other lines you made need while constructing your project. 

Air erasable marking pens will gradually disappear over time (usually between a few hours -7 days)

Water erasable marking pens can be removed when washed,  some fabrics may need to be washed twice to remove completely. Let fabric set 24 hours between each wash.

This set is a great way to try out multiple types of pens to find out the type that suits your project best. 

The set includes 8 pens in total:

1. Two water erasable pens in White- wipes away with water easily

2. Two water erasable pens in Blue- wipes away with water easily

3. Two air erasable pens in Purple- this pen will disappear on it's own 2-14 days or can be wiped away with water immediately

4. Two air erasable pens in Hot Pink- this pen will disappear on it's own in a few hours- 2 days or can be wiped away with water immediately. 

Click here to check out our blog post on choosing the right marking pen for your sewing project.

Please note, the best way to remove markings permanently is to use a mild detergent and water.  Ironing prior to laundering may make the mark slightly harder to remove, but it can be washed again to remove any residue. 

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