Wefty Needle

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Weave fabric into unique designs using the only needle specially designed for weaving fabric strips and bias tape. Create tumbling blocks, hexagons, hearts, and so many other woven designs.  It can be applied to pillows, quilts, handbags and apparel.  

The WEFTY fabric weaving needle is 5.5" long and comes in a set of two. One is 1" wide for use with 1" fabric strips, and the other is 1/2" wide for use with 1/2" fabric strips.*.  The WEFTY is designed specifically for use with fabric strips, either cut width of fabric or on the bias, single or double fold. 

The WEFTY has a tab at the end for looping the end of the strip (much like the eye of a needle), securing it in place as you weave. It's flat construct ensures that the WEFTY will glide through your project without disturbing the design - all while holding and pulling the fabric strip tucked neatly behind it. The grooves on the top allow you to choose how to move it through your project: You may grip the WEFTY by the sides, or push it from the top using just your finger.

WEFTY was founded by Tara J Curtis in January 2016. She is an inventor, pattern designer, product developer, and entrepreneur. Tara began her work in the craft industry in 2015 by creating multi-dimensional, functional fabric art for the home using classic and madweave techniques. 

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