Magnetic Pin Cup

  • ✔️ Holds 100 pins
  • ✔️ Holds up to 2.1" pins
  • ✔️ Includes magnetic case with lid
Magnetic Pin Cups hold your pins point down so you don't get poked trying to pick one up while sewing. Color is pale purple.

Each Magnetic Pin Cup comes with a removable case for safe storage while traveling to class (or to keep curious pets out!)
  • This is the tall size for pins that measure approximately 2.25 inches with large heads
  • Each Magnetic Pin Cup holds up to 100 pins as shown in the picture.

Purchase includes:
  •  Magnetic Pin Cup
  •  Case
  •  Lid

To Use:
  • Load your pins point down and the magnet will hold them in place.   
  •  Pins stay standing up so it's easy to grab one while you're sewing without fear of being stabbed.

To Close:
  • Lift the case and twist the pin cup to lock the pins safely in place.
  •  Place the lid on top and turn to the right to close like a jar.

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