Purple Thing

    It measures 6ʺ long with a 1/4ʺ square at one side (which makes for a fantastic quick measurement guide).

    • The other end has a curve with a soft rounded tip. This side is what I would refer to as the Stiletto side.

    • Typical stilettos are made with from metal and can be sharp. If you want to slip this into your sewing kit you don’t need to worry about poking your finger tip.

    • On the body, closer to the 1/4ʺ square is a 1/2ʺ long slit. You can slip a ribbon through this and wear That Purple Thang around your neck. You can also feed elastic through and use it in place of a bodkin.

    Note, this item is included in our Ultimate Quilting Presser Foot Set!


    • Use this tool while doing machine applique to gently smooth out the piece while stitching

    • Use this tool while piecing to smooth down seams quickly while stitching

    • Use the square end to create “organic” ruffling. As you sew, gently push the fabric towards your presser foot to create ruffling.


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