Adding a Quilt Hanger with Command Strips

Whenever I give a wall hanging as a gift, I always struggle with how best to allow the receiver to hang it without causing too much stress!  

There are several ways to hang quilts, but one of the simplest is using command strips.  Command strips don't require any hardware for hanging on the wall, and the quilt just needs to other side of the velcro strips that come with Command strips to be sewn on the back of the quilt.  

What you need

*Command Strips- I used the large picture hanging strips. They come in black or white. The backing of my quilt was black, so I chose black.  They hold up to 16 lbs!

When to add the strips

For this quilt, I was using a facing, so I was able to add the strips to the facing before I attached it to the quilt, this way it didn't impact the top or quilting of my quilt in any way.  

If you are using a traditional binding, you can add an additional piece of fabric with the strips sewn onto it (a square folded into a triangle and placed in the corner when you sew the binding on would work well) 

Step by Step

1. Step 1, gather your command strips.  I used 4 strips, 2 for each side of the top of my quilt.  I use one to sew onto the quilt and one to give to the recipient to stick on the wall.  These are also great for holiday wall hangings when you don't want to put hardware up. 

Command Strips as Quilt Hangers


2. Prepare the fabric you will be attaching to.  In this case, I was attaching a facing, (see blog post here).  So BEFORE i stitched the top strip to my quilt, I attached these command strips to the facing strip.  One on each side of the facing.  

3. Trim the command strip you will be sewing.  NO need to trim the command strip you will be giving or using on the wall, this helps with removal from the wall.  

Trim the tail of the command strip

4. Peel the backing from the command strip, it will be sticky underneath and this makes it easy to position your strip onto your fabric without pins. 

Peel the backing from the command strip

5. Position the strip onto your fabric and stitch. 

Position the command strip on your quilt

6. Stitch the strip onto your fabric piece.  I stitched at the edge all the way around. I used my walking foot to make the bulk easier, but you do not need to.  

Note: If you want to, you can also handsew the strip directly onto your quilt back and that should work fine as well. 

Stitch your command strip onto your quilt

7. Repeat this step on both command strips.  Here is how the velcro looks on the back of the quilt 

Finished command strip on the back of the quilt


8. Then hang your quilt! My girlfriend received the quilt and immediately hung it up.  So simple!!

Quilt hanging on wall using command strips


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