Free Hawaiian Quilt Block Pattern and Instructions

I love the look of Hawaiian quilts, and this block is a great way to try out this type of applique using modern techniques.  These instructions are for raw edge applique using fusible interfacing and makes a great pillow or wall hanging. 

Here is the quilt I used this block in. I used it in the bottom right block as well as cutting into four pieces and using it in the corners in teal. 

Hawaiian Inspired Quilt



Base: 16.5” x 16.5” square

For Applique: 15.5” x 15.5” square

Fusible interfacing: 15” x 15” square (I use something like Pellon Wunder Under. It’s available by the yard as well so you can get the amount you need, it’s double sided with paper on one side)

The quilt block pattern is available for download here:


Start by preparing your materials:

  1. Iron your applique fabric so it’s nice and flat.
  2. Iron your fusible interfacing onto the applique fabric, leaving the paper on the outside.
  3. Print your pattern on your printer and cut out the pattern using your scissors


  1. Fold your fabric as below.

 Folding Hawaiian Quilt Blocks

  1. Place pattern on fabric. Insure you line up the fold as the diagram suggests

Folded Hawaiian Quilt Block to trace 


  1. Trace pattern on fabric and then pin all layers together


  1. Cut out design through all layers.


  1. Unfold your design.

Hawaiian Quilt Block 

  1. Remove the fusible paper from the back of the design and iron the design onto your backing fabric




  1. Option 1:
    1. using your machine, applique around the edge of the quilt. I use a very tiny zig zag stitch, but a straight stitch works as well around the outer edge to secure the applique to the background.   Tip: a Free Motion or Darning Foot work well.  This foot comes with our 32 Piece Set or Quilting Presser foot Sets, or the Convertible Free motion. 
    2. Stitch together blocks and then baste and quilt as desired. 

Raw Edge Applique for Hawaiian Quilt Block

    1. Option 2: Sandwich your applique top, batting and backing and use the “appliquilt” method to quilt and stitch your applique on in one step.  Tip: a Free Motion or Darning Foot work well.  This foot comes with our 32 Piece Set or Quilting Presser foot Sets, or the Convertible Free motion.

 Here is an example of the appliquilt method (using a different design)



Check out this quick video to show machine applique vs. appli-quilting in action. 



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June 01, 2023

The video wasn’t about applique vs appliquilt like it was supposed to be

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