Fabric Weaving Made Easy: Wefty Needle

The Wefty Needle is an easy way to weave with fabric strips.  Here is an introductory video and below are instructions on how to get started. 

Designs like tumbling blocks, stars, diamonds, and other weaving patterns can be created with the help of this tool.  Fabric strips do not have to be on the bias.  


The WEFTY is designed specifically for use with fabric strips, either cut width of fabric or on the bias, single or double fold. 

Prepping Strips

Cut your strips two times the width you want your finished strip to be.  Fold edges together and press. Our bias tape makers are an easy way to make pressing easier without burning fingers!



Using the WEFTY®

Hold the WEFTY so that wording is facing up and the tapered end faces down. Thread the fabric strip into the eye of the WEFTY and fold it neatly underneath itself. 



The wefty is designed to help you thread the fabric as you weave easily.  



  • Please keep the WEFTY away from small children.
  • While the WEFTY is flexible, it can break. Take care when using.

You can see more tutorials on www.weftyneedle.comor www.misterdomestic.com

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4 Responses



June 01, 2023

Hello I hear there are videos on craftsy but I cannot seem to find them as I’m struggling a little bit also are there any books I could purchase?

Kathy Smith

Kathy Smith

April 12, 2021

I believe that this would be a fun product and project, but it needs a pattern to help those beginning with it.

Sewing by Sarah

Sewing by Sarah

February 16, 2021

HI Mary
You weave it through the alternate strip. So you pin down your first set of strips, and then weave your other strips through them. This creates the “Warp” and “weft” to create the desired effect.

Mary Aubuchon

Mary Aubuchon

February 16, 2021

What do you weave it through.

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