How to make a mask with our Mask Panel

 Mask instructions

This blog post walks you through how to quickly make a mask for your child or grandchild out of our new mask fabric panels. With Halloween approaching and kids needing to wear masks for daily activities, it’s fun to have a mask with a little personality. Each mask comes with matching ears and a matching back panel.  Studies have shown that two layers of quilters cotton is as effective as a surgical mask. Safe and fun!

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 Fox Mask and ears on child

Supplies you need

  1. Cut out one mask front and back

Mask panels cut

2. Place right sides together and sew the top with a ¼” seam allowance

3. Sew along the bottom leaving the opening between the two marked triangles

How to make a mask with our Mask Panel 

  1. Cut two 6” pieces of elastic (for smaller children, use 5”)
  2. Place elastic in between the front and back of the panel tucked into the top and bottom corners and pin. Repeat for the other side.
Insert mask elastic and pin
6. Sew sides together insuring the elastic is sewn and backstitched over
7. Clip corners and turn inside out through openingInsertion of mask elastic between panels
8. Take the opened bottom edge, turn in and press. Press entire mask
9. Mark the pleats (repeat for both sides)
    • From top measure down 1” and 2.25” and mark at both
    • From bottom measure up 1” and 2.25” and mark

 mark mask for pleats


  1. Pinch and fold the 1” mark to the 2.25” mark and pin in place (repeat for top and bottom and both sides)

 Pin pleats on sides of mask

  1. Top stitch around entire mask to secure pleats and close the opening

 Finished mask

Tips and variations:

*Use bias tape to attach a pipe cleaner to the top of the back panel of the mask before stitching together to create a nose piece to help fit the mask more closely

*Attach buttons to a headband to loop elastic around instead of ears

*Use longer elastic to go around entire head instead of around ears

*Use two face characters back to back to create a reversible mask!

Kitty cat mask on child

 Ear Instructions

  1. Cut the matching ears for your mask
  2. Take heat and bond and trace your ear pieces onto it.

Trace mask ear with heat and bond 

  1. Cut around ear pieces with head and bond
  2. Iron heat and bond to back of ears

Iron heat and bond to mask ear

  1. Take a headband and fold the ears wrong sides together

Fold ear over headband

  1. Use an overlock or zig zag stitch on edges to stitch ears together

Stitch around ear

Tips and variations:

*Ears have seam allowances so you can stitch right sides together and turn them, but some of the smaller ears this is more difficult

*You can stuff the ears with stuffing instead of using head and bond to create the stiffness Or you can use a piece of cardboard to make the ears stand up

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