Beginners Guide to Quilting

Beginners Guide to Quilting

In our guide we will explore:

  • What is quilting? 
  • Types of Quilts
  • Quilt Supplies
  • How to Quilt
  • Tips & Tricks

What is a Quilt? A quilt is a cherished keepsake passed down through generations marking special life events like a wedding or birth of a child. A quilt provides warmth on a cold winter’s night. A quilt is a way to express your creativity. A quilt is a way to show your love. A quilt is a piece of art.

Whether you quilt for relaxation or with determined purposed, as a way to tell a story, or as a gift, you are continuing an art form that has been around as long as recorded time.

A quilt is made of two layers of fabric with batting in between held together by “quilting” or stitching the three layers together. A combination of fabric types, patterns, and stitch techniques can be used to create a quilt. Today, quilts are commonly used as bed coverings or hanging wall art.

The earliest example of quilting was shown on a carved ivory figure of a pharaoh from around 3400 B.C. In 1924, archaeologist discovered a quilted floor covering in Mongolia which they believe was created somewhere between the first century B.C to the second century A.D. The earliest known bed quilt is from Sicily from the end of the fourteenth century.

In the US, examples of quilts can be found as far back as the early 1700’s and is dated by historians through analysis of the newspaper batting that was used at the time. The newspaper print contained content and dates that were used as a guide as to when the quilt was made.

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Cinda Strout

Cinda Strout

June 01, 2023

When trying to read your beginners guide to quilting you say click here to continue reading and it does not work. Can you please instruct me on how to complete reading your beginners guide for quilting.

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