Celebration Quilt Along: Kick off!

Celebration Quilt Along: Kick off!

Ready or not, our first Official Sewing By Sarah Quilt-Along starts next week!  For our first effort, we’ve chosen a holiday-appropriate home decor piece--Celebration Slices by Tammy Silvers of Tamarinis. We really like this pattern for its versatility.  Tammy provides three different options, but with a little creativity, you can change the color story and embellishments to suit just about any holiday.

Here is our schedule of events for our quilt along: 

Quilt Along Calendar of Events

To download a PDF of the schedule click here: 

This week we are gathering our materials....

STEP 1:  To get started, you’ll need a pattern. Purchase yours here


and you’ll be automatically added to our exclusive Facebook Group for the quilt-along.  Check your pattern for the fabric you need, but here is a list of supplies Tammy recommends: 

STEP 2: Gather Required Materials:

🧵 Check your pattern for the recommended fabrics

🧵 Patience

🧵 A sense of humor

Sewing Supplies:

🧵Sewing Machine (don’t forget your power cord and foot pedal)


🧵 Scissors

🧵 Seam Ripper – here is a great one!

🧵 Rotary Cutter

🧵Rotary Mat (18” x 24” or larger)

🧵 Rotary Ruler (suggest 6” x 24” or longer)

🧵 Best Press

🧵Pressing Cloth

 Not Required but Awesome to Have:

🧵Wool Pressing Mat

🧵Blade Saver Thread Cutter

Over the course of the quilt-along, we’ll have blog posts with techniques, video tutorials, and answer some FAQs.  The Facebook group will be a sounding board and support for questions and progress reports!  If you have purchased the pattern, but haven't signed up for the Facebook group, you can do so here: 

 Facebook Group Link


We will also be highlighting our Quilt Along on our Instagram, follow us here and use the hashtag #CelebrationQuiltAlong when you post your progress photos!

Instagram Icon


So, on your mark, get set, quilt!

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