Our Beginners Guide to English Paper Piecing by Cathy Perlmutter

Have you always wanted to learn how to English Paper Piece?  In this how to guide, we will walk you through everything you need to know to get started with this beautiful quilting technique.

Introduction: What Makes EPP Excellent

Wrap fabric around paper (or cardstock) shapes, and sew the edges together - that’s the simple idea behind English Paper Piecing, a 400-year old technique that really did come from England.

EPP requires no pinning, no math, and imperfect seam allowances are usually ok - the paper shapes make it accurate. Complicated-looking stars, kaleidoscopes, and Y- seams are all accomplished more easily than with traditional piecing.

And as if that wasn’t enough, EPP is portable. Fill a lunch box with EPP papers, needle, thread and a glue pen. You can do it on airplanes, subways, beaches, any place with adequate lighting! For all these reasons, EPP may be the most addictive of all quilt-piecing techniques!

English Paper Piecing doesn’t require a big investment in materials.  If you’re a stitcher you probably own most of them!  If not, we have an amazing starter set here.

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