The 1/4" Presser Feet...Game Changer

Arguably, the ¼” (quarter inch) foot and the ¼” foot with a guide are a machine quilter’s best friend.  Both of these feet (which are physically the same, except for the extended seam guide) will help you create PERFECT ¼” seams on any project, and we all know how important that precision is!

This video walks you through how to use a 1/4" (quarter inch) presser foot to sew straight and keep those seam allowances even. 

1/4" Foot

The 1/4 Presser Feet...Game Changer

¼” Foot with Guide

Let’s look at the foot--the back is wider than the front, and the toes are asymmetrical. The right toe is wider than the left, and the outer edge of that right toe is exactly ¼”.  That’s the edge you’ll line up your fabric with.  If you’re using the ¼” foot with a guide, you’ll line up your fabric with the guide.  

The 1/4 Presser Feet...Game Changer

You’ll notice there are raised markings on both the right and left sides of the foot--on the right side, those markings are spaced at  ¼”; on the left ⅛”.  These markings indicate where to pivot to maintain that perfect ¼” ( or ⅛”) seam allowance when turning corners.

When using your ¼” foot (with or without the guide), make sure your machine is set to the center straight stitch setting, place your fabric under the foot, aligning the edge of your work with the edge of the foot (or the guide) and stitch away!  You will be thrilled with your finished seams, and how easily your quilt pieces go together!


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3 Responses

Diane Pike

Diane Pike

June 01, 2023

The slot my foot snaps into is too large and the foot slides back and forth in the slot. Yes, I have the right foot for my machine. Does your foot snap in tight?

Susan Baker-Herman

Susan Baker-Herman

May 26, 2021

Will these feet work on the Juki Sayaka QVP? Also, if yes is your answer, do you carry a clear foot as well?

Jeanine Viergutz

Jeanine Viergutz

May 07, 2021

Thank you for the information on the 1/4 inch foot. It was very helpful.

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