Adding depth to your quilts: Mix it up by Sharon Picciolo

I am constantly looking for ways to add some motion to my quilts, or to create a three-dimensional effect. Many of my quilt designs have pieced, classic block backgrounds, combined with strip quilting and raw-edge applique. I like to really mix it up. Using various quilting techniques, allows me unlimited creative design.

For example, in this little quilted beach pillow, adding a bit of crochet and lace to the waves gives a sense of froth. The top of the crochet lace is turned under ¼”, along with the top of the wave. This gives the wave a smooth look, while also adding a bit of depth. The same goes for the froth on the sand.

Trim added

Create some movement to leaves and flowers using raw-edge applique.

I like to make them appear to flutter. The process is simple. Use fusible bond for fabrics to the back of your leaf fabric. Then top-stitch only the veins of the leaf. Leave the edges alone. Let them ruffle a bit at the edges. Use Frey Check glue to the edges of the leaf to keep them from fraying.

Fence post and leaf

You might notice that the fence post is classic applique with a turned_¼” _edge, while the grass horizon is raw-edge. Turning the edge gives the design element a solid and heavier look. Raw-edge gives the element a fragile look. By using both techniques you can add depth and movement.

Happy Quilting my Friends and don't be afraid to mix it up.

Sharon Joy Picciolo

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