Using Your Overlock Foot

Finishing your seams is an important last step to every project, and it doesn't necessarily require purchasing a serger.  Our 32 piece presser foot set conveniently includes an overlock stitch foot which gives you that beautiful finished seam look!

Using your overlock foot is almost as easy as snapping the foot on and sewing--there's just one caveat--slowly testing your stitch selection before giving your foot pedal the gas.

Using Your Overlock Foot

The overlock foot looks like your typical zigzag foot, except for this bar that runs through the center--when using your overlock foot, you MUST choose a stitch that will move your needle back and forth across that bar.  Your typical zigzag stitch will work, as will your machine's overlock stitch (if it has one).  

Once you have selected your stitch, line up your fabric with the raw edge against the black finger, and you're good to go!  

Here's a short video showing how:


Now you have no excuse for not finishing your seams!



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