Adding Trim with Your Cording Foot

Sometimes you just want a little bit of fancy trim on your plain Jane sewing project.  At least that's how I felt after filling my daughter's Easter Basket that I made a few projects ago.  Enter the cording foot for your sewing machine!  This is an easy-peasy way to use some decorative threads or yarn or other trim to your sewing project.

The Cording Foot is part of our 32 Piece Set of feet--there are a few options in the set (3, 5, and 7), and since I only wanted to add two strands of trim, I chose the 3.  The directions to use are the same for all.

Adding Trim with Your Cording Foot

Looking closely at the foot, you can see towards the bottom there are 3 grooves with a clip on top. This is where you (up to) 3 strands of trim will lay (the clip holds them in place). You then string them under the part of the foot that clips onto your machine.  To sew, you'll need to use your zigzag stitch; I like to use my 3 step zigzag, but any will work.

Here's my short video showing how:


There's really not much to it--you can use any type of trim at all; fancy threads and yarns work nicely.  It's that simple!





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Marina Pellouchoud

Marina Pellouchoud

June 01, 2023

Loved this tutorial I’m always trying to learn new techniques. Thanks so much

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