Make A Easy Open Cardigan Using Your Rolled Hem Foot

The rolled hem foot is one of my most used presser feet in my 32 piece presser foot set, as I do like to sew tops, and I just love the delicate finish it provides.

I thought today I'd walk you through sewing our easy-peasy open cardigan  as it's a very simple, yet beautiful and practical wardrobe staple.  It's the perfect topper as we transition into spring and then summer--you can throw it on if the evening is cool, or, if you're like me, you'd like to dress up your jeans when you're going out to a casual dinner.

Let's get started.


  • 2 yds (approx) of a light-weight fabric.  This is the perfect piece for that lovely cotton lawn or cotton voile you've been saving.  Lightweight linen or chambray also works nicely.  You can even try a drapey knit.
  • Matching thread
  • Rolled Hem Foot
  • Marking pen

Here's a video to walk you through the process.



And written instructions:

  1.  Fold your fabric in half. You should have roughly a 38” (76” unfolded) x 45” square. If you have less than 38”, your cardigan will just be slightly shorter.  If you want a longer cardigan, use more than 2 1/16th
    1. Note: If you are using a lightweight fabric you may need to pin along the sides to keep all in place during the next few steps.
  2. Cut your cardigan. Using your rotary cutter or scissor, cut 9” off to create a 36” wide x 38” (76” unfolded) piece. If you would like a wider one, you can cut off less in this step.  This is a very generous easy fit. 


Make A Easy Open Cardigan Using Your Rolled Hem Foot


Make A Easy Open Cardigan Using Your Rolled Hem Foot 

  1. Create the center opening. Measure 18” from either side to find the center point and draw a line from top to bottom. Cut JUST THE TOP LAYER, this is the opening for the front of the cardigan. There are no shoulder seams, the shoulders are the fold in the fabric. 
  2. Finish the raw edges.  Now simply finish the edges by using your rolled hem foot all the way around the edges.  I like doing this step prior to doing the armhole seam, this way the seam edge is finished in the armhole. 

Rolled Hem Foot

  • Rolled Hem

5. Create the armholes. Measure down on each 38” side, 10.5" inches and mark with a marking pencil. Measure 3 inches from that 10.5” mark and mark again. You will stitch between these lines to create the armhole (3” long seam) Do this on each side.

Make A Easy Open Cardigan Using Your Rolled Hem Foot

6. Enjoy your new cardigan!!!


Here I am in my finished cardigan:

Make A Easy Open Cardigan Using Your Rolled Hem Foot

And here are a few pointers: 

1. This is a very generously and loosely sized garment.  If you're quite narrow-shouldered, you may want to cut more than 8" off.  If you have a broader back, you may only want to cut 5" or 6" off.  I suggest starting with the 8", and if you choose to make another, you can make adjustments from there.

2. Likewise, length is personal preference.  I'm nearly 6' tall, and the 2 yards was plenty.  However, you may like your piece longer or shorter based on your own stature, so judge accordingly.

3. When using your rolled hem foot, take it nice and slow, and help your edge feed into the foot; you won't be disappointed. 

And you're done! Be prepared for all the oohs and ahhs!

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