This quick and easy sewing tutorial gives you a great, personalized gift for someone you love- our beautiful french seamed pillowcases.  These pillowcases are easily customized to suit the taste of the recipient and are a quick way to pull together a useful but beautiful handmade gift.

This great Kimono is an easy sewing project for a beginner, and creates a useful Kimono third piece that's easy to wear casual or dressed up.  All you need is some fabric and a rolled hemming foot.  

This works as a great beach cover up, over a dress for an evening out, or with a t-shirt and jeans. 

The sewing term "stitch in the ditch" OR "ditch stitch" refers to the term of stitching right in the seam line or in the space between the fabrics in a seam. It’s most commonly used in quilting, attaching waistbands and finishing binding. This article talks about stitch in the ditch as a machine technique, but it can also be done as a hand technique. 

This article walks through the reasons to use this technique, equipment and tips for success.

We can go through rotary cutting blades quickly, but it's hard to throw them out. I have a box filled with old blades.  This new BladeSaver is a perfect way to give them a second life as a threadcutter. 

The  Convertible Free Motion Quilting Foot Set is an excellent foot for free motion quilting. This set of low shank feet with attachments has everything you need.  This foot is made to glide smoothly over your quilt top or other project and the easy to adjust thumb screw allows the foot to be easily raised or lowered. This foot set comes with a ruler foot, open toe, closed toe, and echo quilting guide for a variety of FMQ techniques and visibility. The spring loaded height adjustment allows for slight upward movement of the foot should it hit an excessively bulky area or seam.
See our rotating cutting mat in action!!
Resources for mask sewing/making, materials, where to donate, and patterns and videos. Learn to make a face mask with several options to find the right mask making tutorial for your needs.
Learn how to make half square triangles in this easy to follow tutorial. 1/4 square and 1/2 square triangles are the basis for many quilt block designs and creating them quickly and accurately can help make a myriad of classic quilt designs such as:  Flying Geese, evening star, royal star, hourglass, diagonal, chevron, basket, pinwheel, and many more. Create quick half square triangles and quarter square triangles with our triangle gauge and learn how to trim them with our trimmers!