Top 10 Tips for Quilters-A Tip Tuesday Roundup

Best Quilting Tip Round up! I always enjoy year-end retrospectives--mostly because they remind me of EVERYTHING I've forgotten over the past 12 months.  Here at Sewing By Sarah, we've offered a weekly #tiptuesday on our Facebook and Instagram accounts, and I thought it'd be interesting to see which tips were our most popular (and hopefully, effective)!

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Drum roll please...

10. Proper pins

Yes, all pins hurt when they stick you, but if you're quilting, using quilting pins will make your life so much easier. They are slightly thicker and onger and designed to pierce through layers of fabric and batting. (more on pins in a future post!)

Top 10 Tips for Quilters-A Tip Tuesday Roundup

9. Save your selvedges

Manufacturers print the fabric color story on the selvedge (that line of colored dots)--if you need to match a fabric, bring the selvedge to the store with you!

Top 10 Tips for Quilters-A Tip Tuesday Roundup

8. Change your needle

The general rule of thumb: machine needles are good for about 8 hours, so every time you start a project, get in the habit of changing out your needle.

7. Press your seams

Pressing is important, as it helps the thread adhere to the fabric, thus strengthening your quilt. Also, Press to one side for a stronger quilt, but press open when you have several seams coming together (this helps reduce bulk).

Top 10 Tips for Quilters-A Tip Tuesday Roundup

6. Adjust your stitch length

If you're quilting shorter pieces, shorten your stitch length. It will make those shorter seams stronger. (For this nine patch project, I went with a 1.5 stitch length.  My default is 2.0)

Top 10 Tips for Quilters-A Tip Tuesday Roundup

5. Choose the right thread

For quilting, pick a thread with the same fiber content as your project.  Cotton threads for cotton quilts. If you're unsure of the fiber in your fabric, stick with an All Purpose thread. 

4. Prevent Pre-Washing Tangles

If you serge or zig-zag your fabric ends prior to pre-washing, your fabric won't be a tangled hot mess when you pull it from the washer.

Top 10 Tips for Quilters-A Tip Tuesday Roundup

3. Keep Your Quilt Blocks from Growing

After pressing, place your quilter's ruler on top of your block until it cools. This will keep your block from stretching out!

2. Wash your cutting mat

Fill your sink with tepid water, add a few drops of gentle soap, and using a soft-bristled toothbrush, clean your cutting mat. Lay it flat to dry (not in direct sunlight). This will extend your mat's life and make your fabric cutting that much easier!

Top 10 Tips for Quilters-A Tip Tuesday Roundup

1. Nest your seams

Do your seams never seem to match up? Try nesting, then pinning them at your seam allowance. 


Top 10 Tips for Quilters-A Tip Tuesday RoundupTop 10 Tips for Quilters-A Tip Tuesday Roundup

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January 26, 2021

Eyebrow shavers! Out of my frustrations I discovered that this dollar store item is fantastic for removing seams. I’ ve always struggled with using seam rippers so I was using a razor blade instead. (Much easier for me and i cut up the fabric a whole lot less). But my hands cramped from holding the blade for to long. So I started looking for something to hold the blade that would still provide me the control I needed. There they were hanging by check out counter. The solution to my problem, the end to my only anxiety when sewing! Hope this helps relieve the fear of a “oops” for someone else too.

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