This quilting tutorial walks you through using an "Add a Quarter" ruler to easily fold and trim your foundation paper piecing. One side of the ruler allows you to add a quarter inch to any project you are working on. The other side is a straight edge to quickly fold your pieces back while folding. Paper Piece 25% Faster! The Add-A-Quarter PLUS ruler features: Tapered edge to fold back foundation Wider for easier handling Use one tool for straight edge and for trimming 1/4" seam allowance Paper piece faster with less motion Combo pack includes 2 lengths (6" and 12"). Purchase one at Sewing by Sarah:https://sewingbysarah.com/products/add-a-quarter-plus-ruler-set
I love the look of applique – but (full disclosure) I’m not a fan of needle turn applique.  Not because it isn’t beautiful.  It most definitely is.  No – I’m not a fan because it takes. So. Long.  So what’s a quilter to do?  Fused applique!  This blog post will walk you through adding fused applique to enhance your quilt. 
This is week 2 of our Celebration Quilt Along with Tammy Silvers of Tamirinis.  This week we finish paper piecing our top with more tips and tricks, remove the papers and add the borders!!!

Welcome to the Celebration Slices Quilt Along!  We are so very glad you joined us!  Celebration Slices is an easy paper piecing pattern, but before we get into the nitty gritty of beginning to paper piece, let’s make sure you’ve gathered all of your necessary supplies.  Below you will find best practices and a video overview of paper piecing!

Our kick off to our Celebration Quilt Along with Tammy Silvers.
Learn how to use a rolled hem foot to make napkins.
The Wool Pressing Mat holds the heat and steam and gives your pressing efforts an added boost. Less effort and better results. In this video and blog post we walk you through why wool pressing mats give better results in less time. 
Want to know how to make a face mask out of fabric? This blog post walks you through how to quickly make a mask for your child or grandchild out of our new mask fabric panels. With Halloween approaching and kids needing to wear masks for daily activities, it’s fun to have a mask with a little personality. Each mask comes with matching ears and a matching back panel.

This great Kimono is an easy sewing project for a beginner, and creates a useful Kimono third piece that's easy to wear casual or dressed up.  All you need is some fabric and a rolled hemming foot.  

This works as a great beach cover up, over a dress for an evening out, or with a t-shirt and jeans. 

The sewing term "stitch in the ditch" OR "ditch stitch" refers to the term of stitching right in the seam line or in the space between the fabrics in a seam. It’s most commonly used in quilting, attaching waistbands and finishing binding. This article talks about stitch in the ditch as a machine technique, but it can also be done as a hand technique. 

This article walks through the reasons to use this technique, equipment and tips for success.