How you ever wanted to know how to add a zipper to a project?  Are you scared of sewing in zippers?  This tutorial will walk you through an easy method to get over your fear of installing zippers.   This tutorial features the Adjustable Zipper foot from our 32 piece presser foot set.
The sewing term "stitch in the ditch" OR "ditch stitch" refers to the term of stitching right in the seam line or in the space between the fabrics in a seam. It’s most commonly used in quilting, attaching waistbands and finishing binding. This article talks about stitch in the ditch as a machine technique, but it can also be done as a hand technique. 

This article walks through the reasons to use this technique, equipment and tips for success.
This post walks you through how to use a 1/4" (quarter inch) presser foot to sew straight and keep those seam allowances even.